What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

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What is Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

How Does it work

In Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) a combustion motor is used to drive an alternator which generates electricity. The heat generated by the motor is captured and used for a heating of buildings, sanitary water or drive industrial processes.

With renewable energy as well

The motor of the installation can work on different types of fuel. Natural gas is the most commonly used, but energy from renewable sources is possible as well.

Save without investments

As an ESCO (Energy Service Company) EVS energy invests and manages a CHP-installation on the grounds of your company. The electricity and heat that is generated can be bought by you. As this electricity is cheaper than when it is bought from the grid, you realize a very nice net saving for the company without any investment.

EVS energy makes sure the installation is properly maintained, and switched on and off at the moments where it is financially most interesting. This depends on your energy profile but also on the prices on the energy markets.

In some rare cases it is more advantageous to switch of the installation and buy electricity from the net. As we permanently follow the energy markets and make for every moment the balance between buying or generating the electricity. This guarantees you that the installation on your grounds is optimally used.

EVS Energy makes sure that you pay less for your energy